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    Marc Belanger, the founder of Dezeinstein.com is a veteran electronics specialist that started his electronics career in 1988. This started by an interest with audio systems and sonic purity that was experienced by the B&W loudspeaker brand, as well as others of their day including Dahlquist , Klipsche and a few other brands, as well as the love for music.

    This interest moved him into the new career of mobile audio systems.  This changed the world for many as music lovers that were constantly in a vehicle, as well as audio enthusiasts that traveled a lot for their jobs started to invest in extremely  loud , top quality car audio stereo systems worth several thousand dollars.

    These systems became a trend over the years, so Marc decided early to capitalize off of it by starting his first business, Audiotone Mobile Electronics, at the young age of 16. Since these systems weren't available just anywhere and the internet had not yet started, the systems and installations were extremely expensive anywhere. To Marc, it was easy to give folks the ability to purchase a quality audio system , amps, subwoofers and satellite speakers on a real budget because he held a promise with his customers only to mark his items up 10-15% and never advertise this so his competitors who would then figure out his pricing and under sell the same or similar quality equipment.

    The trend made him very popular to those who had a tough time affording equipment after the industry bloomed with hundreds of resellers and thousands of brands.  Marc's business had none of this, he would work from his family's business garage for installations that were more extravagant, then partnered with a close friend that also had become interested in these systems.

‚Äč     After Marc graduated high school, time to install these audio systems was limited and Marc attended The Porter & Chester Institute. His major ,Career Electronics  which included Analog & Digital Theory., Computers constructing, theory,repair,  Windows 3.0 & 3.1 system training, 286 and 386 system function & repairs, industrial electrical, residential electrical, ladder logic & PLCs, transformers, circuit design and troubleshooting, as well as electronic repair basics.

     After graduation, Marc was offered work in the automotive electronics field by a close friend , the late Kurt J Brazee.  Kurt introduced him to high end audio systems & installations in 1988 . Kurt had a job offer at one of the top 10 audio installation facilities in the world as the shop manager, so he offered Marc his old job installing stereos,. amps, alarms, remote starters, etc.

    Marc was labeled as one of the best in the auto security industry, and, even one of the best in auto electronics industry, installing tens of thousands of alarms, remote starters,  keyless entry systems, window modules, sunroof modules, you name it, if it could be automated, he did it.  He was one of the only specialists in New England that worked on every top vehicle, including Maserati, Lotus, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche & Bentley.

     Business boomed as Scary Car Stereo had started a trend within the Mashantucket Peqout Trible Nation & found much business installing these systems for the indians. Marc installed alarms & stereos for many of them as they found interest in his customization, as well as others in the shop.  His work was admired by their Chief,  Michael Thomas, as well as his younger brother Steve. As Marc continued on, they requested his work be done on several of their vehicles and many others in the tribe.

     The ability to tune these systems was quite difficult because nobody had the ability to listen to the high dB levels comfortably in the shop but Marc.  He had seasoned ears and the uncanny ability to remain in the vehicle to tune the Audio Control EQT's & EQL's that would be used in most of the installations. Scary Car Stereo was the first dealer of Phoenix Gold Electronics in New England, and was the first JL Audio Dealer in CT, possibly even in all of New England as well. Scary Car Stereo pushed Phoenix Gold products

Marc left the establishment he worked at to join Kurt working for Paul's Scary Car Stereo in Waterford, CT to continue his wish to work per piece installed at a super profit, well that was the promise anyway.

Marc continued to work there for 1.5 years, during a transition period where the paychecks started to bounce, one after the next, etc.